Dear You, an online archive of postcard collages sent since 2008

Dear You


Dear You, a blog of imagined travels by Gracia Haby, created 2013


Dear you,

In 2008,
an occasional series developed of own accord. A series of imagined tales written on the reverse side of a handful of my postcard collages. Over the years, this has grown.

Published online,
High Up in the Trees, and later bound into zine format, this project continues today. Now housed under one roof, Dear You features all postcard collages to date.

In the wings, the promise of a new zine to add to the meld, always.

To the traveller!

Begin, and may you travel well,
Gracia Haby

(Mind the sink holes!)




Responding to collective nouns
Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
and Elaine Haby


A skulk of foxes and a husk of hares, a blog from 2008–2012

A quiver of arrows, a parcel of penguins, a trace of rabbits, a peal of bells, a vagary of impediments, a constellation of satellites, and a leash of greyhounds; there are more collective nouns than not to make the corners of the mouth curve upward.

A watch of nightingales, a sleuth of bears, and a charm of finches, they call up such imagery. A raft of sea otters, can you see them? Squint a little if it helps. There on the horizon, see them now? They’re wearing neck scarves constructed from thin slithers of kelp. And they're making their way across the water with all the ease and grace of Venetian gondola driver.

A mischief of mice, a cache of jewels, they sound so apt, so visual, and so enchanting. Responses, be they visual or otherwise, to particular collective nouns were posted (and infrequently so). From time to time an invited guest made an appearance, responding to the collective noun in any way they chose.

Guest contributors:
Shari Altman
Charlotte Bland
Camilla Engman
Estibaliz Hernandez
Jurate Sasnaitis


collective noun n in grammar, a noun that denotes a number of individuals considered as one group.