All breathing in heaven

Gracia Haby, Louise Jennison, Stephen Wickham
All breathing in heaven

Saturday 17th of August – Sunday 13th of October, 2013
Geelong region artists program
Geelong Gallery, Little Malop Street, Geelong

All breathing in heaven list of works (13 page pdf) 

In conjunction with this exhibition, our artists' book, As inclination directs, is on display as part of the 2013 Geelong acquisitive print awards (at Geelong Gallery from the 31st of August to the 24th of November).

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Bringing together collage, drawing and photography, the exhibition reveals the artists' shared interest in the intersection between the animal and the human worlds. Combining humour with acute observations of both wild and domestic animals, the works present imaginary worlds, highlight the plight of endangered species, or pay homage to relationships with domestic animals.
Gracia Haby's whimsical and otherworldly series — of over 450 postcard collages — depicts a menagerie of wild or endangered animals inhabiting well known and recognisable locations (including those of Geelong and its region). These playful narratives evoke a bygone era where animals of all shapes, sizes and origins were free to roam. Haby's series invites the view to ponder if the creatures are scuttling or seeking shelter, while the title of each scene serves as a clue (and sometimes a red Herring).
Within the formal grid of postcards, Louise Jennison's drawings of a flock of birds and a butterfly give the initial appearance of flight, but on closer inspection, each bird or insect is pinned to the wall like specimen collections of old. Amongst the array of birds, Jennison's installation draws attention to the plight of the Hooded Plover, a bird that lays its eggs and raises its young on the beaches of Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, and Breamlea, which is under threat of extinction due to unleashed dogs and human trampling.
Stephen Wickham's tableau of colour photographs, contemplates the poetics of loss, love and transience within the setting of the Barwon wetlands. Featuring over 60 photographs ranging from moody cloudscapes to the underwater depths of marine life, this selection represents a world shared by animals and humans. Although absent from these photographs, the titles of individual works allude to the artist's much-loved canine companion, Peppie, as well as the landscape and experiences they shared together: producing a poignant portrait of loss.

(Geelong Gallery)