An order of zines


Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
An order of zines
Boxed set of six zine titles released in 2013
Edition of 5


Housed in a handmade box fashioned from panels of corflute, all zine titles released in 2013. On the front, in circular stickers, title and image details from each zine. Each box is signed and editioned.

Zine titles,
A Catalogue of Bodies (Gracia Haby)
Lunch (Louise Jennison)
38.1500° S, 144.3500° E (Louise Jennison)
Beneath the Screen of closed eyelids (Port Said) (Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison)
Genova to Johannesburg (Gracia Haby)
A Postcard as Measuring Device (Gracia Haby)

Editions of this boxed set are in the collections of the State Library of Victoria, the State Library of New South Wales, University of Melbourne Library, and Monash University Library.