Artists' books 2000–2011

Our use of imagery from long ago can appear in one sense nostalgic, but as we did not live through the early 1900s, or ride like Neptune on a 16th century German automation fashioned in the shape of a tortoise, we feel this longing is misplaced, or, at the very least, somewhat skewed. Our use of imagery from periods long ago (coupled with the more recent) is desirable to us because it is liberating. We bring no personal association to the harvested image or gilded artefact. To us, it is an image that we can reshape to suit our own will. We know something of it from history and reading, of course, but it is not from our day-to-day and thus we can sidestep its suitcase in the hallway and make up our own narrative.

With this in mind, here, in our archives, it is hoped that you will discover new acquaintances of the collaged variety at the birthplace of Honoré de Balzac and in the ornate rooms contained within the pages of At the Château de la Malmaison tigers roam (2009). We invite you to feel what it is like to seek refuge in alien lands or to find yourself alone in a museum and yet still woefully out of place.  Made collaboratively or otherwise, our artists' books that reside here oft feature the animal as our protagonist. We've created scenes for them to run through, hide in or carve out as their own. Look to the words dotted throughout and the titles for a clue, but be warned, all is not always as it appears. Consider yourself forewarned.

The inner landscape and the greater literal world, the geography we map in many of these earlier artists' books is dotted with keepsakes and clues, both true and shifty. Chantel's red-beaded necklace, Sabina's bowler hat, Fanny's engagement ring, Ivan's hacksaw blade, the moon above, daffodils stolen from the gardens of the Louvre, a precious pre-Revolutionary coin: these are but a few of the things you will find arm-in-arm on the printed pages of our small Objects Gathered (2008) series of artists' books.

Earlier still, on the page, before the eyes, rafts of extinct and near-to endangered mammals and birds await your gaze in The Case of the Lost Aviary (2005), a homage to Agatha Christie and her clever tales. Singing the Blues, in historical muddle, our Bavarian pine-voles and White-footed Rabbit-rats have been drawn as we imagined them to be, sporting prison stripes and ships perched atop their heads. Looking back further still, some of our characters call upon the stars above for guidance homeward whilst others remain stuck, struggling with the concept of seating in Find your place (2007).

Proceed. Backwards.

An unexpected gathering, 2011–2012
For Martha, 2011–2012
A meeting of parrots that shouldn't, 2011–2012
One step ahead, 2011–2012
In Padova, looking for you, 2011
Modifications in Pictorial Education (i), 2011
Modifications in Pictorial Education (ii), 2011
The first aerial travellers, 2011
Sleeping during the day, 2010
This evening, however, I am thinking of things past, 2009
Before all colour faded (Ricordo di Genova), 2009
Eager for the old joys once more (Musée Grévin), 2009
Many tiny potentialities (Københaven), 2009
A view gleaned through looking-glass (London), 2009
Meet me at the Opéra Theatre and hand in hand we'll go through the streets of Paris (Paris Vues Artistiques), 2009
Exhausting all possible avenues (Abbay d'Aulne, Bruxelles), 2009
Spending the night (Hotel Stenton, Philadelphia), 2009
More than I was led to believe (Amsterdam), 2009
Blinking in the light (Grand Saint Bernard et son hospice), 2009
They ate their meals on the grass and danced on the lawns (Versailles & les Trianons), 2009
Primary transport for the dispelling of fallacious beliefs, 2009
Looking only for you (Der Rhein), 2009
Passing through, undetected for the time being, 2009
Avant et après (Dixmude, Before and After the War of 1914–1918), 2009
I chanced upon the unexpected and found I liked it, 2009
All there, all accounted for; I can vouch for with own eyes, 2009
Seen and later forgotten (Souvenir of Niagara Falls, Canada), 2009
Through purgatory passed, and then there was Bombay (Photogravure views of Bombay), 2009
I am not trying to trick you; not purposefully, 2009
Forming new acquaintances at the birthplace of Honoré de Balzac, 2009
In search of a time the heart does not recall, 2009
At the Château de la Malmaison tigers roam, 2009
And we stood alone in the silent night, 2008
Le havre: Just passing through, 2008
John O'Groats: Just passing through, 2008
Objects gathered with care from recent reads (I), 2008
Objects gathered with care from recent reads (II), 2008
Objects gathered with care from recent reads (III), 2008
Objects gathered with care from recent reads (IV), 2008
Objects gathered with care from recent reads (V), 2008
Some icebergs with their companions, 2007–2008
Some icebergs with lights, 2007–2008
Some icebergs, 2007–2008
If all the stars go out, I’ll follow my nose home, 2007
All the discarded things, mended, 2007
Find your place, 2007
Rouen: Just passing through, 2006–2007
The Case of the Lost Aviary, 2005
By the Pricking of My Claws, 2005
The Dubious Clue, 2005
Trouble at Sea, 2005
Those Two Daring Pirates, 2004
30 days in Vienna, 2003
Melbourne in 31 days, 2002
Snug as a bug in a rug, 2001
101 ways to get to your favoured destination, 2001
The Kingdom of the Blue Poppy — as made for Sinclare, 2001
The ermines tea party — One weekend, 2001
Nao falo Portuguese, 2000
This morning I went into the garden, 2000