Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
Beneath my suit, I am...
6 page concertina artists’ book, featuring four individual collages on cartes de visite, with pencil and paint additions collage and pencil


A unique state artists’ book featuring a customised French cuff
Created especially for Lord Coconut’s exhibition Art of the Cuff
As part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2015
Wednesday 16th of September – Saturday 3rd of October, 2015
Lord Coconut, Level 4 Carlow House, 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Cover. Beneath a curtain made from Nijinsky’s tunic from The blue god, designed by Léon Bakst, c 1912, with a discarded hat from Sha Sharian from Schéhérazade and a Papuan forest-wallaby (Dorcopsulus macleayi) 

1. In the borrowed costume for the Prince from Sadko, designed by Natalia Goncharova, c 1916, with a Scarlet macaw (Ara macao)

2. With the borrowed costume for a Syrian woman from Cléopâtre for a necktie, designed by Léon Bakst, c 1909–30s, with a Black-capped lory (Lorius lory)

3. In the borrowed costume for the Buffoon from Chout, after Mikhail Larionov, c 1921, with a Diamond dove (Geopelia cuneata)