Gracia Haby
Blinking in the light (Grand Saint Bernard et son hospice)
Artists’ book, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil across the pages of Grand Saint Bernard et son hospice (Creátion et photos Darbellay)


Prepare to comb the landscape in Switzerland in this artists’ book made especially for A key to help make your own world visible (2009).




Gracia Haby
They ate their meals on the grass and danced on the lawns (Versailles & les Trianons)
Artists’ book, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil across the pages of Versailles & les Trianons


An artists’ book sixteen pages in length, made especially for the exhibition A key to help make your own world visible (2009), it features collage and pencil across scenes both unfamiliar and familiar. The central part of the castle owes its origins to Louis XIII, who used to go there in 1627 to hunt, tells the guide, and the title of this artists’ book is in reference to Marie-Antoinette, who also enjoyed such amusements. “Court etiquette was forgotten. A dress of lawn, a neckerchief and a lace cap: such were the existence and dress of the queen of France at Trianon.”


It includes the collages,
The complete panoramic view was required if ‘it’ was to be found
It was said the Water buffalo had run of the place, and, in many regards, this was true
In the Looking-Glass gallery I chanced upon a lone Blue sheep
I lingered at length with my fallen companions in the Galerie des Batailles
A chamber suitably unlike the others
Time and time again I ignored advice frequently issued: Look behind! Look behind!
The Canadian lynx knew a thing or two about patience
Neptune’s puma was ready and, as expression goes, waiting
Bearing uncanny resemblance to honeybee hives in the Latona Bassin
I chanced upon the unexpected and I liked it
In the sleeping-room we resisted the great urge to wrinkle the smooth bed covers
Petit and in accordance with good taste; such things set the mind at ease
Geoffry’s cat waited at the Temple of Love, but not in vain, it should be noted
The Common Oyster Catcher planned to live up to their name at the Lord's House
At the mill, I waited for you. You never came

Only a wild cat was capable of such attention to particulars of this kind (Coronation-coach of Charles X)


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