A collection of things from our home including an artists’ book by Phil Edwards; Morran by Camilla Engman (from Uppercase’s The Suitcase Series); Magic Bottles by Thereza Rowe; a well-thumbed copy of Toadstools at Home; a postcard of Marc Chagall’s Laiterie (Dairy), 1933; our artists’ book In Padova, looking for you, 2011


Bloesem Living
1st June, 2011


A: Art means… something indefinable. It is beyond any definition either of us is able to conjure here.
R: Reading books is a way to learn and forget the self; reading blogs, a pleasurable way to chat with friends and share those tiny daily joys; leafing through magazines, a delicious way to spend time as a coffee cools on nearby table and a pet snoozes on one’s lap.
T: Trends we see in art or graphic design are many in number.

A: Artists we admire are... both currently practicing and from long ago; are celebrated and relatively unknown; and are often those who make for their own enjoyment. The list, if complied, would be near to endless.
N: Never will we tire of time spent doing exactly as one pleases. Reading a book until mid morning, pottering in the garden with hands in the soil, tinkering on some project, strolling without clear purpose. At liberty to decide the path one will take is it in a nutshell.
D: Dreams for our own work are about... making something that will communicate something to another.

P: Projects we are currently working on are... centered on paper, animals, curious juxtapositions, and the unfamiliar.
R: Relaxing we find essential to sanity.
I: Interesting art-places online are... in the hundreds. Mark Lazenby, the Lille Métropole Musée d'art moderne, d'art contemporain et d'art brut, and those we visit from our list of many links is a good start.
N: New in our home is... an elderly dog by the name of Percy.
T: Tomorrow we like to go to... the café where Percy is treated like a canine king, served a complimentary bowl of chicken freshly cooked.
S: Studio, our studio is... warm, busy, crowded, populated by pets, private. It is home.

Irene Hoofs
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