Pagination: The Book as Object

You're invited to join University Librarian, Gregory Anderson, who will launch Pagination, and the Australian Book Design Awards Exhibition at the opening event on Friday the 1st of April from 5.30pm.

The work of local, national and international makers concerned with the book as a creative medium have been invited to exhibit in Pagination, an exhibition that investigates the medium and meaning of the book, and more broadly of book arts as a contemporary mode of expression.

Works represented in the exhibition range from sculptural book objects, altered books, and editioned letterpress works — to designed books, comics, digitally printed works, student zines and print on demand publications.

Despite the many different precedents, genres, themes, structures and production methods present in the work, these artists share common concerns for the page and participation. The participatory and physical act of paging through a book is a familiar one. Whether the content is visual, textual or hybrid, these works invite a process of moving though the work that generates patterns of recognition, sequence, juxtaposition, repetition and engagement. This haptic and material interplay continues as a relevant and important characteristic of the book – as object and as an idea.

Pagination presents these properties as traits of a unique medium, and celebrates the book as a significant site of human interaction and subjectivity, where artists, authors, designers, makers, readers and audiences can engage with the visual language of the page.

The Book as Object
The University of Newcastle
Callaghan campus
Wednesday 30th of March – Saturday 30th of April 2016

Included in Pagination are editions of our works Salvaged Relatives (boxed edition, 2015), As inclination directs (2013), and Those Two Daring Pirates (2004).