Looped, in the La Trobe Reading Room

We have turned State Library Victoria's dais in the heart of the Dome Reading Room into an artists' book. Not a book you hold in your palm, but a book that you walk around. One foot, after the other — left, right, left, right — turning the cabinet pages with your feet.

Treating each cabinet as a page, we are exhibiting five new artists' books upon large-scale collages, weaving a fable beneath glass.

Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
Presented in partnership with State Library Victoria
Friday 4th of August – Sunday 26th of November, 2017
La Trobe Reading Room
State Library Victoria

Come and see.

Nestled under #GraciaLouiseLooped, you can see how it all came together, from working table to early August's install.

Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Looped, La Trobe Reading Room, State Library of Victoria, 2017