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A gleam in the darkling world

Recently landed: A gleam in the darkling world, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) places Prattle scoop trembling: a flutter of Australian birds in the gallery

In the library, a herd of Superb fairy-wrens

Recently landed: In the library, a herd of Superb fairy-wrens, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) calls Prattle scoop trembling: a flutter of Australian birds all done and dusted

Fifty pages, all at once, our birds in the State Library of Victoria

Extended exhibition dates

Our 74 drawings, prints, collages, and a knot of books, as part of Here, there, will be catching reflections for your amusement until the morning of Tuesday the 22nd of November. Catch them before the circus is peeled and packed away at Port Jackson Press Print Gallery, 84 Smith Street, Collingwood.

Here, there in the window a little while longer


As two windows come down (farewell, On the Verge Festival in Obus and Collected Works, you were great), a vitrine of collages and drawings for Betwixt fleshes out its form, as part of the forthcoming Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia.

(In addition to our part in Betwixt, we will also be conducting a kids' workshop inspired by The Seven Ravens.)

A twin entity! A double life, sprung “from matter and light, envinced in solid and shade,”[1] our Salvaged Relatives, collaged and drawn, toss gauzy film over the certainty of your consciousness.

A shadow, rendered, of a life imagined; or is that the other way around? In a game of Chicken and Egg, call and response, surely, the drawings echo the collages on cartes de visite. And were they to be “separated from one another by the whole length of the building… [the] distance between [them would] seem monstrous… as is they had taken half [their] bodies away. [They would lose their] sense of balance… feel dizzy… fall.”[2]

Creeping through these unknown time-eaten spaces, memories splinter; with nature as your theatrical backcloth, you’d do well to borrow a stained costume from the Ballet Russe, while things reconfigure.

My tail, Léon Bakst, what do I do with it in this lonely place “newly with grass o’ergrown”?[3]

[1] Edgar Allan Poe, ‘Silence (a sonnet),’ version published in The Raven and Other Poems, 1845
[2] Ágota Kristóf, The Notebook Trilogy, (Melbourne: Text Publishing, 2016), p.23
[3] Edgar Allan Poe, ‘Silence (a sonnet)’

Hide and Seek

Recently landed: Hide and Seek, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) takes a look at our work installed in the windows of Obus and Collected Works as part of BLINDSIDE's On the Verge festival

On the Verge

Our works on paper are set to play a game of hide and seek as part of BLINDSIDE's forthcoming On the Verge festival.

Our work will be hiding at Collected Works (Level 1) and Obus (Ground Floor, Cathedral Arcade) in the Nicholas Building from the 24th of August through until the 3rd of September, 2016.

BLINDSIDE's 2016 festival guide (pdf)

Opening Night Drinks
Thursday the 25th of August
Level 7, Room 14, Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Walk the Verge
Saturday the 27th of August
Meeting at BLINDSIDE Gallery

Work in Progress

Recently landed: Work in Progress, a new post on High Up in the Trees (by Gracia)

Four (of nine) new zine titles, Whiskers and Bristles, Closer to Natural, Cutting the Collection, and Thumb Through, ready for the fair

Melbourne Art Book Fair, all set

This time next week, the National Gallery of Victoria's Melbourne Art Book Fair will be in full flight. We hope to see you there!

Melbourne Art Book Fair
Great Hall, NGV, 180 St Kilda Rd.

Friday 29th April
10am–6pm International Symposium on the Future of Design for Publishing (ticketed event)
6–10pm Melbourne Art Book Fair Preview (ticketed event)

Saturday 30th April
10am–8pm Melbourne Art Book Fair (free)

Sunday 1st May
10am–5pm Melbourne Art Book Fair (free)

Melbourne Art Book Fair, 2015

Final preparations
Preparations and words

Recently landed: Preparations and words, a new post on Elsewhere (by Louise)

In hand, a commissioned custom-made Solander box (by Louise) with an inlaid original postcard collage (by Gracia), completed April 2015