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Small things; precious things

Recently landed: Small things; precious things, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) looks at our contribution to the Black-throated Finch Project

Adani is saying the birds can just fly somewhere else — well, I’m afraid to say there are very few places left for our threatened species to just fly somewhere else, so that’s just a joke.
— Sean Dooley, Birdlife Australia

We created twenty original postcard collages for our contribution to the 2019 Black-throated Finch Project

Last days of something Unusual

Last weekend to see our collage of moving parts, It was a familiar pattern, tickling the walls of Milly Sleeping.

Fourteen local makers present new works using ideas, methods or materials that differ from their usual modes.
Until Sunday 29th of October, 2017
Milly Sleeping
157 Elgin Street, Carlton

Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, It was a familiar pattern (detail), 2017, moving collage


We have created With your hand on my cheek, I looked up at the sky, 2017, especially for BLINDSIDE'S B-SIDE fundraiser exhibition. Our inkjet print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm, 16. 5 cm x 16.5 cm, is available for a song on the opening night, and our (bright, beautiful, brilliant) B-side is none other than (brimming with all good things) Mr. Theo Strasser.

Friday 3rd – Friday 10th of November, 2017
Room 14, Level 7, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Launching this Thursday 2nd November from 6pm. See you there.

For B-SIDE, BLINDSIDE will present a large scale exhibition of works for sale by our accomplished and significant alumni. Exactly half of the work in B-SIDE will be hidden. Each artwork on display in B-SIDE will be linked to a partner work (a b-side), which will be revealed only to the buyer. As a fundraising exhibition B-SIDE will support the ongoing activity of BLINDSIDE into the future. For the past 14 years BLINDSIDE has provided a vibrant space for artists to test ideas and challenge conventions. B-SIDE will facilitate BLINDSIDE's continued program of experimental exhibitions, critical and engaging public programs, as well as support arts writers, curators and artists at all stages of their careers.


Adriane Hayward with Anna Dunnill
Alica Bryson-Haynes & Ria Green with Lizzy Sampson
Andrew Tetzlaff with Ania Walwicz
Boe-Lin Bastian with Elyss McCleary
Bridie Lunney with Sophie Cape
Carly Fischer with Shannon Lyons
Ceri Hann with Lynda Roberts
Charles O'Loughlin with Amy May Stuart
Chris Bond with Wes Thorne
Claire Anna Watson with Sarah Wilmot
Claire Mooney with Natalie Mather
Clare Rae with Melanie Irwin
Colleen Boyle with Rebecca Najdowski
Craig Easton with Joyce Huang
David Thomas with Rushdi Anwar
Diego Ramirez with Katie Paine
Drew Pettifer with Louis Cooper
Eva Heiky Olga Abbinga with Ceclia Dowling
Gabriel Tongue Nilsen with Billy Bartley Nees
Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison with Theo Strasser
Hana Vasak with Jacqueline Stojanovic
Hannah Raisin with Tsohil Bhatia
Hanna Tai with Eliza Turnbull
Jessica Curry with Harry McLean
Jessie Scott with Miranda Leibscher
John Brooks with Audrey Tan
Julia Powles with Peter Westwood
Kate Just with Kellie Wells
Kate Robertson with Kirsty Macafee
Kate Rohde with Emma Homfray
Kate Shaw with Siobhan Ryan
Kawita Vatanajyankur with Kunthong Sumree
Kiron Robinson with Tori Lill
Leslie Eastman with Natasha Johns-Messenger
Lucie McIntosh with Maya Chakraborty
Martina Copley with Francesca Rendle-Short
Melanie Jayne Taylor with Marc Sancho
Nicholas Chilvers with Peter Clynes
Penelope Hunt with Tara Gilbee
Peter Westwood with Julia Powles
Phuong Ngo with Kali Michailidis
Pip Ryan with Natalie Ryan
Ria Green with Clare Humphries
Ross Coulter with Ben Burgess
Ruth Johnstone with Barbe Scarlette
si ma va with Anonymous
Steven Rendall with Andrea Eckersley
Tai Snaith with Sean M Whelan
Xanthe Dobbie with Elizabeth Mitchell

Unusual at Milly Sleeping

We're thrilled to be a part of Milly Sleeping's forthcoming exhibition, and have created a moving collage projection.

Fourteen local makers present new works using ideas, methods or materials that differ from their usual modes.
Wednesday 11th – Sunday 29th of October, 2017
Milly Sleeping
157 Elgin Street, Carlton

Launching this Saturday 14th October from 4.30pm. See you there.

Meow: A Genetic Concert for Cats

We recently had the pleasure of working on the cover illustration of a Siamese cat for Kerry J. Fowler's book, Meow: A Genetic Concert for Cats, which looks at the DNA responsible for the diversity and appearance of cat breeds. In a clowder of cats, and to purrs of delight, the book was launched at the 45th ACF National Cat Show, Diamond Creek.

Meow: A Genetic Concert for Cats (2017) with a Siamese cat and DNA cat toys

A Souvenir of Paris

A Souvenir of Paris (2017) is a commissioned, one-of-a-kind Parisian memory folded into a concertina artists' book, which we recently had the good fortune to work on. Six-pages in length, we created a collaged version of the Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes upon the page, featuring an original plate from Roemer's Genera Insectorum and Grandville's Les Fleurs Animées. The artists' book is now in private collection (and much loved, we hear).

A Souvenir of Paris, as it took shape, on the working table

29 hours remaining

With only 29 hours remaining on our pozible campaign forour artists' book printed edition of #PrattleScoopTrembling, we are looking forward to hearing the running movement of the press.  

Thank-you for your cheer, donations, and preorders, each and every one of you.
(Pleasing sound in the above linked instagram video courtesy of a Heidelberger Tiegel letterpress.)

The Wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila addax) oversees the countdown

Throw your hands in the air

Throw your hands in the air like a dancing cactus! And just like that, we've reached our pozible campaign funding goal to cover a third of the printing costs for a Prattle, scoop, trembling edition. Many, many thanks. We are so humbled.

The campaign is still running, and we are hoping to raise, through your preorders (and/or donations) enough to cover the whole of the printing cost. Should you wish to earmark a copy, it's not too late to do so.

Thank-you. We couldn't do this without you.

Milly Sleeping: SHOE

Tiny Tap, a moving collage, in something of a growing tradition, created especially for Milly Sleeping's October month of SHOE project on instagram. 50 looped frames and fireflies to make Pietro Longhi's Portrait of a Venetian Family with a Manservant Serving Coffee, c. 1752, tappity-tap.

Ornament, 2015
Nice Work, 2013
To Good Year's End, 2012
Hidden Gems & Rough Diamonds, 2012
I Feel Fine and Borrow, 2009

Tiny Tap for Milly Sleeping

World Ballet Day 2016

Recently landed: World Ballet Day, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) takes a closer peep at a collage of 220 frames created to celebrate World Ballet Day 2016.

(World Ballet Day's live stream begins at 1pm AEDT today in the studios of the Australian Ballet.)

One of 220 frames from a collage of moving parts created to celebrate World Ballet Day

Hide and Seek

Recently landed: Hide and Seek, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) takes a look at our work installed in the windows of Obus and Collected Works as part of BLINDSIDE's On the Verge festival

On the Verge

Our works on paper are set to play a game of hide and seek as part of BLINDSIDE's forthcoming On the Verge festival.

Our work will be hiding at Collected Works (Level 1) and Obus (Ground Floor, Cathedral Arcade) in the Nicholas Building from the 24th of August through until the 3rd of September, 2016.

BLINDSIDE's 2016 festival guide (pdf)

Opening Night Drinks
Thursday the 25th of August
Level 7, Room 14, Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Walk the Verge
Saturday the 27th of August
Meeting at BLINDSIDE Gallery


After ten years posting High Up in the Trees, it is time for something new. Welcome to MARGINALIA. A new space, in the margins of Gracia & Louise.

Play catch up on Chunky Move's LUCID, Sydney Dance Company's CounterMove, and a parliament of Tawny owls for Contemporary Paper at Port Jackson Press Gallery.

Happy reading.