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Type Wilderness

Recently landed: Type Wilderness, Gracia's written response for Fjord Review

Thirteen performances in thirteen days: my exhaustive, intense, yet not-nearly-enough, Dance Massive 2015 experience.

Dance Massive remains a celebration and exploration of the body in movement and in stillness; the body shown on a screen, through a screen, and in response to a screen; the body pushed, and the body pulled; the body grounded, and the body weightless; the body as a tool for communication, as a vessel, and equally as a red herring; the body vs. the machine, and as a machine; the body’s very matter decomposing right before my eyes in glorious time lapse. This is all fodder to make weary (and perhaps, wary) the traveller. And this is, above all else, fodder to exhilarate said lucky traveller.

Dance Massive maps the type wilderness that makes me (think I can) pen my own manifesto.

Paula Lay, 10,000 small deaths, Dancehouse, as part of Dance Massive 2015 (Image credit: Mischa Baka)