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Printing the Page, in review

As part of the Print Council of Australia's fiftieth anniversary program, two reads, a chance to turn the pages, and an abundance of photos. In our small way, we were happy to join in the celebration. Thanks for having us.

A Postcard from Printing the Page at the State Library of Victoria
IMPRINT Magazine

Printing the Page
RATAS editions

Printing the Page, State Library of Victoria (Image credit: Jurate Sasnaitis)

The La Trobe Journal No 95 March 2015

The State Library of Victoria's the La Trobe Journal: Creating and collecting artists’ books in Australia (No 95 March 2015), for which we created the cover collage, is now available as a pdf download online.

This special issue of the La Trobe Journal focuses on the development of artists’ books as an art practice in Australia. The digital revolution has led many to question the future of the book, yet more artists are involved with making books than ever before. Artists, printmakers, letterpress printers and binders are creating and designing books that draw upon and extend the traditional format.

Preparations and words

Recently landed: Preparations and words, a new post on Elsewhere (by Louise)

In hand, a commissioned custom-made Solander box (by Louise) with an inlaid original postcard collage (by Gracia), completed April 2015

'The perfect escape: animated wonderlands inhabited by enthralling narrative'

Recently landed: 'The perfect escape: animated wonderlands inhabited by enthralling narrative', a new post on High Up in the Trees (by Gracia), with a written piece, A Poetic Partnership: The work of Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, by Olivia Meehan for Imprint magazine

Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, In the small courtyard, overlooked, 2015, collage created for the cover of Imprint, autumn 2015