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After ten years posting High Up in the Trees, it is time for something new. Welcome to MARGINALIA. A new space, in the margins of Gracia & Louise.

Play catch up on Chunky Move's LUCID, Sydney Dance Company's CounterMove, and a parliament of Tawny owls for Contemporary Paper at Port Jackson Press Gallery.

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MARGINALIA, as the name suggests, is a brand new space for those things 'in the margins' of this very site. A collaged extension, in the wings, if you will, with more room for expansion. Having outgrown High Up in the Trees (2006–2016), we invite you to come and explore this new tree house.

(For now, High Up in the Trees will remain an accessible archive.)

Tawny owl collage created to accompany a wood engraving, especially for Port Jackson Press Gallery's Contemporary Paper exhibition

Port Jackson Press Gallery's Contemporary Paper exhibition

We've created a new work for Port Jackson Press Gallery's Contemporary Paper exhibition.

Tawny Owl (Strix aluco)
Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
Woodblock engraving, unique state collage with pencil and paint additions on Fabriano Artistico 300gsm traditional white hot-press paper
Edition of 15

Contemporary Paper: Celebrating a Year of Print
Wednesday 1st June — Friday 29th July, 2016
Port Jackson Press Gallery
84 Smith Street, Collingwood


Port Jackson Press in association with the PCA's Year of Print 2016 are proud to present ‘Contemporary Paper’, an exhibition of new works by our talented stable of artists. The centrepiece of our involvement with PCA’s Year of Print, Contemporary Paper curates new works created especially for the exhibition. This is a rare opportunity to see a vast majority of the artists we represent at a glance and their current practices. Our stable boasts a diverse range of techniques and subject matter that is unified by a high level of expertise and contemporary relevance within the printmaking industry and the art market at large.

As a keystone event of the Year of Print 2016, we believe Contemporary Paper represents all that printmaking has to celebrate. Curated in a single space, the wealth of works assembled speaks to the history of printmaking from its traditional roots, to contemporary iterations and to its endless possibilities. For collectors, this is invaluable insight to future acquisitions in terms of showcasing available works and how they fit within the broader landscape of contemporary printmaking.

Congratulations to our participating artists: Tony Ameneiro, Susan Baran, Jazmina Cininas, Tom Civil, Christina Cordero, Danielle Creenaune, Chris Denton, Chris De Rosa, David Fairburn, Dianne Fogwell, Kevin Foley, David Frazer, Sai Wai Foo, Nic Goodwolf, Kate Gorringe-Smith, Gracia & Louise, Lucy Hardie, Kate Hudson, Anita Iacovella, Kyoko Imazu, Chris Ingham, Christine Johnson, Sheridan Jones, KIRPY, Jenny Kitchener, Helen Kocis Edwards, Damon Kowarsky, Debra Luccio, Martin King, Prue MacDougall, Marion Manifold, John Marshall, Milan Milojevic, Travis Paterson, Jenny Peterson, PESKY, Sue Pickering, Cat Poljski, Stephanie Jane Rampton, Trudy Rice, Mandy Renard, Margie Sheppard, Glen Smith, Melissa Smith, Anne Starling, Sophia Szilagyi, Kati Thamo & Wayne Viney.