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In the direction that one is facing

Recently landed: In the direction that one is facing, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) takes a look at a suite of prints currently being created as part of French Connections

French Connections process at the Australian Print Workshop

World Ballet Day 2016

Recently landed: World Ballet Day, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) takes a closer peep at a collage of 220 frames created to celebrate World Ballet Day 2016.

(World Ballet Day's live stream begins at 1pm AEDT today in the studios of the Australian Ballet.)

One of 220 frames from a collage of moving parts created to celebrate World Ballet Day

Work in Progress

Recently landed: Work in Progress, a new post on High Up in the Trees (by Gracia)

Four (of nine) new zine titles, Whiskers and Bristles, Closer to Natural, Cutting the Collection, and Thumb Through, ready for the fair

Fruits of the working table

Recently landed: Fruits of the working table, a new post on Elsewhere (by Louise)

 Our collage, Underneath Soane's 'star-fish' ceiling, the library at No. 12 proved anything but quiet, on the cover of The La Trobe Journal, No. 95, March 2015