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Last legs of our November sale

Simply enter the code word 'REBOOTED' upon checkout to receive 30%-off your whole order on zines, cards, and every little thing in our online store until the end of November.

Here's to a bright December for us all!

One of four new greeting card designs featuring the Salvaged Relatives collage, In the modified costume for the Prince in L’Oiseau d’Or from Le Festin, c. 1909,  with a Numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus) and a North African gerbil (Dipodillus campestris)

Free Postage September

 Stepping out of the shadows into glorious September with a fan of new greeting cards featuring the handsome and obliging giraffe, Zarafa.

And Zarafa Kept Walking, a collaborative print exhibited as part of our installation for In your dreams (Counihan Gallery, 2014), is now available as a greeting card, as well as a lithographic offset print.

And Zarafa Kept Walking — single greeting card
And Zarafa Kept Walking — set of five greeting cards
And Zarafa Kept Walking — four-colour lithographic offset print

To mark the occasion, we are offering FREE POSTAGE ALL SEPTEMBER on all orders through our online store. Enter the code 'Zarafa' upon checkout.