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Imprint: A Survey of the Print Council of Australia

Lovely to see our Print Council of Australia 2004 commission, A lament to the sleeping kingfisher, on display as part of Imprint: A Survey of the Print Council of Australia at Parliament House, Canberra, until the 12th of May, 2019.

This special exhibition featuring prints from the Print Council of Australia’s archival collection includes some of the first prints created by significant Australian artists, including the first Print Commissions, John Brack’s Untitled (Skaters), 1967, and Fred Williams’ Lysterfield, 1968, and the first Indigenous Australian Print Commission, Bush Figures by Ku Ku Imidji man Arone Raymond Meeks, along with works produced by PCA founders Grahame King and Udo Sellbach.

The Commission, which began in 1967, invites artists to submit a limited-edition print for consideration by the PCA and its members. This has resulted in an archive of more than 600 prints, illustrating the rich history of contemporary Australian printmaking.

Works of master printers and innovators including Noel Counihan, Barbara Hanrahan, David Rose, Ray Beattie, Bea Maddock, Earle Backen, Ruth Faerber, Hertha Kluge-Pott, Olga Sankey, Judy Watson, Janet Dawson, Mary MacQueen, Raymond Arnold, G.W. Bot, Yvonne Boag, James Taylor, John Coburn, Jenuarrie Warrie, Maria Kozic, Wilma Tabacco, Rick Amor, Treahna Hamm, Robert Jacks, Bruno Leti, John Olsen, Michael Kempson, Susan Pickering, Andrew Ngungarrayi Martin, Belinda Fox, Georgia Thorpe, Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Gosia Wlodarczak, Rebecca Mayo, Janet Parker-Smith, Rona Green, Sophia Szilagyi, Glen Mackie, Tama Favell, Elizabeth Banfield, David Fairbairn, Graeme Drendel, Deanna Hitti, Sue Poggioli, Maria Orsto, Samuel Tupou, Pia Larsen, Deborah Klein, Cat Poliski, Heather Koowootha and Glenda Orr will also be on show, as will a diverse range of printing techniques representing styles from the late 1960s: from relief printing (carving into lino or wood where recessed areas don’t hold ink and transfer to paper ink-free) to intaglio (etching, engraving, aquatint, drypoint, mezzotint) and planographic (lithography and screen-printing) as well as digital printing.

While the exhibition is mostly Print Council of Australia works — fifty-eight works — the remainder are from the Australian Parliament House Art Collection, including two new acquisitions, linocuts by artist Jenny Kitchener, recipient of the 2017 Print Council Commission.

The Print Council of Australia was established in Melbourne in 1966 by printmakers Udo Sellbach, Grahame King and curator Dr Ursula Hoff to promote the artform of printmaking. The 1940s–60s had seen the return to Australia of European-trained artists, sparking a resurgence in the importance of printmaking and its commercial viability.
(Print Council of Australia)

Lovely to see our Print Council of Australia 2004 commission,  A lament to the sleeping kingfisher,   hanging on the wall

Lovely to see our Print Council of Australia 2004 commission, A lament to the sleeping kingfisher, hanging on the wall

In the direction that one is facing

Recently landed: In the direction that one is facing, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) takes a look at a suite of prints currently being created as part of French Connections

French Connections process at the Australian Print Workshop

A room with a view, quite

Recently landed: A room with a view, quite, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia), part 2, takes a closer look at a recent study tour to Paris as part of a project with the Australian Print Workshop and the National Gallery of Australia

With Voltaire in the crypt below my feet and in my ear, ‘the more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing’

French Connections

Recently landed: French Connections, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) takes a closer look at a recent study tour to Paris as part of a project with the Australian Print Workshop and the National Gallery of Australia

The joy of Henri Matisse’s  La Danse  at the Musée d’Art Moderne  is doubled when you catch Centre national de danse contemporaine d’Angers (Robert Swinston) rehearsing Merce Cunningham’s  Event #7

The joy of Henri Matisse’s La Danse at the Musée d’Art Moderne is doubled when you catch Centre national de danse contemporaine d’Angers (Robert Swinston) rehearsing Merce Cunningham’s Event #7

Melbourne Art Book Fair starts tomorrow

For a fourth year running, we are returning to the Melbourne Art Book Fair at the NGV, and with us we will be bringing scores of new artists' books, zines, and prints. Some of these new titles you may have seen unfurling on instagram, and tomorrow, should you be in the neighbourhood, you can see them with your own eyes, leaf through them with your own fingers, nestle them in your own palm.

See you beneath the Leonard French at the
Melbourne Art Book Fair
National Gallery of Victoria
Friday 16th – Sunday 18th March, 2018

Friday 16th March: 10am–5pm
(Friday night opening: 6–9pm)
Saturday 17th March: 10am–7pm
Sunday 18th March: 10am–5pm
(With the exception of the Friday night opening, entry to the fair is free.)

Scores of artists' books, zines, and prints

Recently landed: Scores of artists' books, zines, and prints, a new article on Marginalia (by Gracia) in readiness for the Melbourne Art Book Fair, at the NGV this weekend

The zine version of Paw Pad Path, to be released on Friday at the Melbourne Art Book Fair, is a-leaping, skulking, and bright

NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair 2018

And we’re set to do it all again, for a fourth year running.

Reposted from @ngvmelbourne: “#MelbourneArtBookFair 2018 brings together the most creative emerging and established international and local publishers, artists and writers for a program of ideas, discussions and book launches. 16–18 March at NGV International."

Melbourne Art Book Fair 2017, NGV International ("The NGV gratefully acknowledges the Cornish family for their support of The Cornish Family Prize for Art and Design Publishing. The Melbourne Art Book Fair program is supported by Event Partner Asahi Super Dry, Partner City of Melbourne and Supporter The Copyright Agency Cultural Fund. The symposium is presented by the RMIT Design Futures Lab with the support of the RMIT School of Design.")

Not my sky (exhibit A)

We have created Not my sky (exhibit A), 2017, especially for Rona Green's print exchange and exhibition, Imaginings.

Friday 1st – Tuesday 19th of December, 2017
7 Campbell Street, Collingwood

Emma ‘Ruby’ Armstrong-Porter, Janet Ayliffe, Susan Baran, Kylie Blackley, Helen Blue, Loris Button, Elaine Camlin, Laura Castell, Jenny Clapson, Elizabeth Cole, Paul Compton, Rachel Derum, Sue Ernst, Ian ‘Spike’ Farrawell, Philip Faulks, Kevin Foley, Sue Fraser, Rona Green (curator), Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Gregory Harrison, Carolyn Hawkins, Bill Hay, Kate Hudson, Kyoko Imazu, Jet James, Deborah Klein, Jo Lankester, Suzie Lockery, Cassie May, John McClumpha, Aaron McLoughlin, Lorelei Medcalf, Glenn Morgan, Karen Neal, Belinda ‘Billy’ Nye, Sharron Okines, Diana Orinda Burns, Glenda Orr, Travis Paterson, Jim Pavlidis, Sue Poggioli, Jocelyn Rawlins, Bronwyn Rees, Trudy Rice, David Rosengrave, John Ryrie, Jill Sampson, Gwen Scott, Benjamin Sexton, Heather Shimmen, Glen Smith, Sandra Starkey Simon, Mrs Stamp, Maggie Stein, Rachel Suarez, Sophia Szilagyi, Scott Trevelyan, Lee Ward, Peter Ward, Justin Watson, Andrew Weatherill, Lynette Weir, Joel Wolter, Christine Wrest Smith

Curated by Rona Green

Launching this Saturday 2nd December from 2pm. See you there.

Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Not my sky (exhibit A), 2017, inkjet print


We have created With your hand on my cheek, I looked up at the sky, 2017, especially for BLINDSIDE'S B-SIDE fundraiser exhibition. Our inkjet print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm, 16. 5 cm x 16.5 cm, is available for a song on the opening night, and our (bright, beautiful, brilliant) B-side is none other than (brimming with all good things) Mr. Theo Strasser.

Friday 3rd – Friday 10th of November, 2017
Room 14, Level 7, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Launching this Thursday 2nd November from 6pm. See you there.

For B-SIDE, BLINDSIDE will present a large scale exhibition of works for sale by our accomplished and significant alumni. Exactly half of the work in B-SIDE will be hidden. Each artwork on display in B-SIDE will be linked to a partner work (a b-side), which will be revealed only to the buyer. As a fundraising exhibition B-SIDE will support the ongoing activity of BLINDSIDE into the future. For the past 14 years BLINDSIDE has provided a vibrant space for artists to test ideas and challenge conventions. B-SIDE will facilitate BLINDSIDE's continued program of experimental exhibitions, critical and engaging public programs, as well as support arts writers, curators and artists at all stages of their careers.


Adriane Hayward with Anna Dunnill
Alica Bryson-Haynes & Ria Green with Lizzy Sampson
Andrew Tetzlaff with Ania Walwicz
Boe-Lin Bastian with Elyss McCleary
Bridie Lunney with Sophie Cape
Carly Fischer with Shannon Lyons
Ceri Hann with Lynda Roberts
Charles O'Loughlin with Amy May Stuart
Chris Bond with Wes Thorne
Claire Anna Watson with Sarah Wilmot
Claire Mooney with Natalie Mather
Clare Rae with Melanie Irwin
Colleen Boyle with Rebecca Najdowski
Craig Easton with Joyce Huang
David Thomas with Rushdi Anwar
Diego Ramirez with Katie Paine
Drew Pettifer with Louis Cooper
Eva Heiky Olga Abbinga with Ceclia Dowling
Gabriel Tongue Nilsen with Billy Bartley Nees
Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison with Theo Strasser
Hana Vasak with Jacqueline Stojanovic
Hannah Raisin with Tsohil Bhatia
Hanna Tai with Eliza Turnbull
Jessica Curry with Harry McLean
Jessie Scott with Miranda Leibscher
John Brooks with Audrey Tan
Julia Powles with Peter Westwood
Kate Just with Kellie Wells
Kate Robertson with Kirsty Macafee
Kate Rohde with Emma Homfray
Kate Shaw with Siobhan Ryan
Kawita Vatanajyankur with Kunthong Sumree
Kiron Robinson with Tori Lill
Leslie Eastman with Natasha Johns-Messenger
Lucie McIntosh with Maya Chakraborty
Martina Copley with Francesca Rendle-Short
Melanie Jayne Taylor with Marc Sancho
Nicholas Chilvers with Peter Clynes
Penelope Hunt with Tara Gilbee
Peter Westwood with Julia Powles
Phuong Ngo with Kali Michailidis
Pip Ryan with Natalie Ryan
Ria Green with Clare Humphries
Ross Coulter with Ben Burgess
Ruth Johnstone with Barbe Scarlette
si ma va with Anonymous
Steven Rendall with Andrea Eckersley
Tai Snaith with Sean M Whelan
Xanthe Dobbie with Elizabeth Mitchell

Tracing the Line

Our two prints, Giving libation to John Singer Sargent’s dead bird study of 1878 (limestone and rose) and Giving libation to John Singer Sargent’s dead bird study of 1878 (limestone and gold), are currently on display at Port Jackson Press Print Gallery as part of their winter group exhibition, Tracing the Line in Australian Contemporary Printmaking.

Tracing the Line is on until the 27th of August, 2017.

Port Jackson Press Print Gallery
84 Smith Street

Paper Animals, postage free

Dear you, 

Our online store is bursting at its spine with all of our new titles launched at the recent NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair. What's more, we are offering FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE until the 10th of May. 

Simply enter the code PAPERANIMALS during checkout. 

For "a coat of feathers [to help you] stay in the air indefinitely," pick up a copy of Winged

For mammals scampering, climbing, purring, add a copy of Limbed featuring thirty-two Salvaged Relatives to your cart. 

Run your fingers through the fine and ordered lines of Pattern, a zine made in collaboration with Deidre Brollo, Marian Crawford, Elaine Haby, and Deborah Klein. 

Marvel at a softness of mice ears, polished steel buttons, hoops, a globe on a desk and other round things in Round, circle, dot

Acquire a song of paper birds, and purchase a copy of the printed edition of Prattle, scoop, trembling

Yours for a song, Winged, Limbed, Pattern-ed, Round-ed and Prattle-d, Yours with sticky tape at the ready, Gracia & Louise XO

Gracia Haby, Limbed, 2017, printed zine


MARGINALIA, as the name suggests, is a brand new space for those things 'in the margins' of this very site. A collaged extension, in the wings, if you will, with more room for expansion. Having outgrown High Up in the Trees (2006–2016), we invite you to come and explore this new tree house.

(For now, High Up in the Trees will remain an accessible archive.)

Tawny owl collage created to accompany a wood engraving, especially for Port Jackson Press Gallery's Contemporary Paper exhibition

Free postage until Sunday the 6th of March

For those of you who didn't get to make it along to the Sticky Institute zine fair at the Melbourne Town Hall, please allow us to bring our stall to you. We've three new zines to share, and all are available through our online store for gold coins' song.

What's more, from now until Sunday the 6th of March we are offering FREE POSTAGE on all orders over $10 (AUD) when you enter the code 'freepost' upon checkout.

Gracia Haby, Salvaged Relatives in Seven costumes, 2016, printed zine