Blurred and Distinct, boxed


Gracia Haby
Blurred and Distinct
Artists’ book, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil
Housed in a linen Solander box with inlaid collage, In the borrowed costume of Petrouchka (c 1911), bound by Louise Jennison


A suite of seventeen collages made especially for and exhibited as part of In Your Dreams (Counihan Gallery, 2014), and accompanying dream text, assembled in a handmade Solander box guarded by Petrouchka. This artists’ book is now in the collection of State Library of Victoria.

Beautifully staged (Shukumei c 1975–76)
The Bluebird pas de deux re-imagined
In the strange and enchanted half-hour before the rising of the curtain
ONEtwothree ONEtwothree ONEtwothree
Ondine silhouette (Margot Fonteyn)
Leaving it to others
Les Rendezvous reversed (Alicia Markova and Stanislas Idzikowsky)
Back up, fall down
Fall down, thud
Magnetic headdress of the Buffoon’s Wife (Chout, 1921)
Ground covered (The Prospect Before Us, 1940)
A groove on a gramophone record
Slowly across the clouds
Gemini alert (H00oroscope, 1937–38)
Miss Fairbrother as Aladdin calls time (The Romantic Period)
Kitri camouflage
Seen, unseen