Gracia Haby
Postcards from... But for the moon nobody could see us
October, 2008
Digital print zine
Edition of 60


A 10.5cm X 15cm, 24 page colour and B&W zine with a pale grey cover card and gold card spine, with a cardboard back. Expect within the pages of this particular zine to discover seals of all kinds, the odd aardvark making a tentative crossing, various big cats and black bears, and even an Arabian onyx in possession of a poor sense of direction. This zine features, as title suggests, many of the postcards seen at Imp Gallery late 2008, as part of the exhibition, But for the moon nobody could see us, with Louise Jennison.

This zine was included in the box set, ...and then there were none (edition of three artists’ proofs, compiled 2011), made especially for the IMPACT7 2011 zine fair co-ordinated by Anna Poletti at MUMA. The three sets of artists' proofs were of a loose trio of zines that won the 2010 Artspace Mackay Inaugural Zine Prize, as part of the 2010 Libris Awards.

...and then there were none included:
Tumble & Fall (2009)
A vagary of impediments & a sneak of weasels (2009)
Postcards from... But for the moon nobody could see us (2008)


Collage on postcard, 2008
Titles of works as they appear:
Talking to me in a long forgotten tongue
Closer to home, things began to make greater sense
I am certain this will never work
A chance sighting
Feeling weightless agreed with me
Hold that line
Blending in I found all was revealed
Feeling out of place in Switzerland
Looking for a way out
A keen sense of direction failed the Arabian onyx
Searching for a way in
Obsidian this size is hard to come across
An aardvark tentatively crosses Lake Louise for seven years good luck
I am not a natural fisherman
Donald’s tools and graphite
I found myself suddenly alone
A smooth-tailed tree shrew in search of a smooth-trunked tree
Looking and not finding
Regarding the Devil’s thumb
Casting shadows longer than the trees could ever hope to
Making the most of it whilst we still could
Feeling at ease
Building a makeshift tipi by Vermillion Lake