Gracia Haby
But I just got here a minute ago
Volume I
February, 2011
Digital print zine
Edition of 100


A 10.5cm X 15cm, 30 page full-colour zine (with postcard collages front and back, including typed Dear You narrative) with white cover card and red spine, and a cardboard back. This zine is volume one (of a series of three) and it includes ten postcard collages from 2011.

Twenty copies of this zine, with its volume companions, were made into a limited edition boxed set.


Dear you,

The ability to adapt, they oft say, is key, is the very thing needed. Bend a little or you’ll snap, wasn’t that an expression your Grandfather wheeled out often? Give a little or break in two like a branch. Well, here, were he still alive is proof of it being sound advice. The dhole (seated proudly there near to the foreground) claimed this building as own. A clever one! His abode may now feature more right angles and hardness than is natural, but the roof it is secure.

Yours affectionately with bricks and mortar,