As if from the clouds, restless

Gracia Haby
As if from the clouds, restless
Artists’ book, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil


Made especially for and exhibited as part of Draw Me A Story — The Art of Children's Book Illustration (Maroondah Art Gallery, 2014), this artists’ book features a short tale.

It was later exhibited as part of our installation created especially for In Your Dreams (Counihan Gallery, 2014), and is now in the collection of the University of Melbourne Library.


It was perhaps the feeling of weightlessness that she liked best of all. Sailing above the Alps, performing complicated movements, touching, almost, the clouds painted an impossible translucent white — wait a minute, now they are opaque. What a changing landscape! Such sensory confusion!

How free I am, she thought. From down below, voices in the distance carried, adding only to the sense of escape. She didn’t wave to them, she kept floating — is that the sea I can smell? Somewhere over her shoulder, a sinking sun. Up above, up here, this was her floating world, a cloud kingdom all her own. She flung out her arms to store up the feeling in her body some more before she came crashing down to earth, landing with a very real thud.

‘Again! Have we time to go again?’ she called out, winding the rope in great loops around her forearm as she made her way back to the beginning. How little the world had looked from up there — how small the trees; how small her woes — and she longed once more to deposit her cares in the nest holes of the clouds.