Gracia Haby
A menagerie of common and exotic animals
May, 2010
Digital print zine
Edition of 60


A 10.5cm X 15cm, 32 page colour (with some pages in B&W) zine with blue cover card and blue card spine, with a cardboard back. This zine includes sixteen recent postcard collages from 2010 in between several French animal cards.

One of four zines released at the Emerging Writers’ Festival’s Page Parlour 2010 annual event held in the Atrium at Federation Square.


Collage on postcard, 2010
Titles of works as they appear:
A possible shortcut is considered
Taking the indirect route
Climbing to a safer place
With nothing out of place
Fit for a king, or so it would seem
And no one came
With a joy hard to contain
They had all the appearance of large steppingstones
A fortunate leap
Perched securely atop Diamond Rock
Back to the beginning
They had returned
A moment to hold close to the chest
No, this will fit my needs
Unsure of my direction, I pressed on
Unsteady footing