Louise Jennison
Birds that like to display
September, 2011
Digital print zine
Edition of 100


A 21cm X 30cm (folded to 7.5cm X 10.5cm in proportion), B&W zine on bright aqua paper.

This zine features pencil drawings of a Golden-headed manakin fond of whirring its wings in courtship; an Australian Golden bowerbird; a Lesser bird-of-paradise with distinctive cape of yellow; a Pheasant-tailed jacana; and a Andean cock-of-the-rock with colourful crest.

One of several zines made for The Wonderful Paper Things Fair presented by St Heliers Street Store + Gallery in association with Rona Green, 2011, and the IMPACT7 zine fair co-ordinated by Anna Poletti at MUMA.

This zine was included in the box set, There are 29 birds in this box (edition of six, 2011).