Gracia Haby
My dear, don’t worry my deer
September, 2011
Digital print zine
Edition of 60


A 10.5cm X 15cm, 36 page full-colour and B&W zine (with postcard collages front and back) with cream cover card and bullfinch pink spine, and a cardboard back. This zine includes eleven postcard collages from 2011 alongside their Dear You narrative.


Dear you,

Some sort of idyll, this is. Unseen in Switzerland. I look down at my feet, but they’re already camouflaged from own view. They’ve become enmeshed in the floral carpet on which I stand. Quite expect at any moment to soon become at one with the landscape in literal sense. This is not how I expected it would feel this sense of oneness with the earth. With petals for toenails, Mother Nature seized me for herself.

Yours blending in to the extreme,


Dear you,

I never knew I missed the smooth flat seas until they were a distant memory. Holding tight lest I slip off deck never to be sighted by those other than with scales and fishtail fans.

Eyes closed, storm ahead,
Where’s my sou’wester?