ZINES: A labour of love

Thereza Rowe
Doodlers Anonymous
4th June, 2010

Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, It's the Dusty Hour, 2012, zine


There's something quite special about zines, don’t you think?! These little booklets are usually hand made, low tech and mostly produced in small runs by the artists themselves. As a zinester myself, I really appreciate the close insight a zine can give in terms of an artist's perspective and ways of thinking/working. I view them mostly as a labour of love.  Last Saturday I had a fabulous time at the London Zine Symposium, and whilst there I managed to snap up a few great zines for my ever growing collection. Yes, they're an addictive thing to collect as they come in all sizes, styles, subjects, mediums, formats, monochrome, colour, etc.  So I thought I'd share some images of my zine library and compile for you DA readers exclusively a little list of my current top 7 favorites — why seven? Well, because it's my favorite number!

1 Le Dot by Anthony Zinonos is a definite must have. I got my copy at the symposium when I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Zinonos in person. I love the simplicity yet powerful juxtapositions Anthony uses in his collages. He has other zines on offer so be sure to thoroughly browse his website to find them! 

2 Lazy Soosan Alphabet series, boy, those girls rock! I bought a copy of letter E at the symposium whilst chatting to Lucy Davidson (one half of Lazy Soosan). They’ve got to letter G so far. Had a really hard time picking one, they’re all so great!

3 Ten Fingers is a collaborative zine set up by Helen of hellomemo.com and memolikesyou. A limited edition of 100 screenprinted and hand bound issues featuring 7 ace artists. Each page is perforated and has the option of being a postcard, mini print or kept together as a zine. I ordered my copy today actually. Can’t wait to get my tiny paws on that beauty. 

4 Red Neck by David Galletly is definitely on my wish list. In an A5 format, this 28 page zine looks like a real treat as it's originally printed in b&w with hand-coloured elements. How cool is that?!

5 Several Foxes Unfolded is the latest zine by my favorite artist duo Gracia & Louise. I have two of their zines and they are a delight both in terms of their imaginative imagery and the paper stock, folding and binding techniques they use. 

6 Jon Mac Nair, Slacking on the Job, a collection of hand drawn evidence — now, this is another ace one, isn’t it?! Imagine giving one to your boss… I love Jon’s sense of humour and this zine looks like it sums it up nicely. 

7 Last but not least, Between here and Here by Brendan Monroe. I found this one by chance whilst browsing some Etsy shops and it really looks good with its delicate line drawings and dreamy subject. Definitely going on my wish list.

Thereza Rowe
Doodlers Anonymous