Gracia Haby
This is where the dormouse lives
Artists’ book, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil


The fifty-second King Penguin, The Isle of Wight (published 1950), illustrated and described by Barbara Jones, is now home to the dog bat, the toucan, the sea otter, the woolly lemur, the lar gibbon and leopard cat. It features sixteen colour plates and five black and white illustrations in total, with a cover designed by Clifford Barry. To this single copy made especially for the exhibition By This Unwinking Night (2012), several alterations now describe or perhaps hoodwink your understanding of where it is the dormouse calls home, the isle of Wight.

Other King Penguins to have been modified by the means of collage include A headdress to show you how much I care; One step ahead; Testing the laws of hazard; and The first aerial travellers. The entire series of King Penguins thus far is in the collection of the State Library of New South Wales.


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Over My Shoulder (VII)
In the gallery, before a wall of some 443 postcard collages, we invite you to turn the pages of This is where the dormouse lives, in our seventh iPhone film. This time are taking you to The Isle of Wight in the year 1950, and singing in the background you can hear Clara Smith (Black Cat Moan, 1927).