Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, and Hila Shachar
It’s the Dusty Hour
August, 2012
Digital print zine
Edition of 90


A 19cm X 14cm, 12 page full-colour hand-stitched zine made in celebration of the night. Fastened together by one golden thread, this zine features Evening Postcard by Hila Shachar alongside our collage series, The Glorious Night Descends.

It’s the Dusty Hour is a bookend to The Glimmer of Armour, a zine in celebration of the light.


It’s the dusty hour, when the neat corners of day disperse like moths flitting against the window in aimless patterns. They dance with the stars, creating their silvery shapes in the deep void of a black canvas that knows no frame, but speaks through the sensory awareness of what lies beyond light. Inside the rectangle of the window, you will peek inside and see before you the boundaries of the room losing their solid structure. They echo in sympathy with the closing night that wraps itself around the roof like a folded tent. Patches of dark shadows hide an angle. The borders of the room become unhinged. A blinking fire is unpinned from purpose. Now, there is only the comfort of need; a hand pressed warmly between two thighs, a nosed retreating into horizontal fabric, an eye sighing toward the orange curves of receding heat, a mind freed from the prison of productivity. And then you open a page, and read: I love thee, mournful, sober-suited Night! Wish you were here.
(Evening Postcard, Hila Shachar)