Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
This morning I went into the garden
Artists' book
Single color offset print hand colored with watercolor and pencil on recycled 200gsm paper, with jewellers tissue 70gsm paper
13.5cm X 15.5cm, bound in three different tones of emu leather by Peter Stewart-Warmington, with colored leatherettes on cover
Printed by Hart Printing
Edition of 10


From our home in North Fitzroy
between 6 – 8pm
in the year 2000 (month unsure)

This is the beginning of it all.

The small and varied 'leatherettes' which feature on the cover of all ten in this edition were found in a secondhand bookstore in New Zealand and were, in strange way, the original inspiration behind this series of artists' books. The leatherettes had been designed to be adhered to lamp shades and cigarette boxes and gowns; or, in our case, small books. The leatherettes ranged from golden elephants through to inky-hued rabbits and blue hens.

The artists' books in this edition are covered in black, ochre and cherry-red emu leather, selected for the delicious peck marks and imperfections visible across the surface.

This book was exhibited as part of Global Fusion (2002), Kunstraum Palais Porcia, Vienna, and the Second Freedman Foundation Exhibition (2003), Sir Hermann Black Gallery, NSW. Editions of this book are in the collections of the State Library of Victoria, and RMIT Library.