Gracia Haby, 2009, collage for The World of Interiors

Gracia Haby
Collage for Journal of a Collector
The World of Interiors
October 2009


A collage for The World of Interiors magazine to accompany an article by Alistair McAlpine about textiles both new and old to be found in a Marrakesh souk.

Marrakesh has changed, but then nowadays everywhere seems to be changing. Revisit any popular destination three or four years later and it will look different. ... In and around the souk, the carpet dealers trade as usual, selling, then quickly replacing, their huge piles of stock. Most of them also offer Moroccan textiles. Rumour has for some time suggested that most of these are fakes, but consider for a moment what 'fake' actually means. Fakes are made to deceive, to fool the greedy or unwary customer. It is true that in the souk you'll find new textiles look similar to the old ones so desired by collectors. You will also find old designs with new patterns added in henna. The dealer will usually point out that those have been altered, and even if they don't warn you beforehand they will almost certainly inform you if you ask the age or origins of their wares.
(Alistair McAlpine, The Genuine Article, Journal of a Collector, The World of Interiors, October 2009, page 288)

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