Gracia Haby
Gold Sparkly
September, 2011
Digital print zine
Edition of 75


A 7cm X 30cm, six page colour concertina zine with a B&W text on paper wrap held in place by a pink circle sticker.

One of several zines made for The Wonderful Paper Things Fair presented by St Heliers Street Store + Gallery in association with Rona Green, 2011, and the IMPACT7 zine fair co-ordinated by Anna Poletti at MUMA.


A friend once mentioned that in passing one night they had left a gold and sparkly horse in my letterbox. Having never received such a surprise toy offering with my post, we wondered if someone else ever chanced upon the unexpected and found this unexplained gift in their letterbox. Perhaps Gold Sparkly simply galloped to new foreign fields.

This is especially for you, EZB.