Gracia Haby
The curious crossing of the Greylag goose
Postcard collage
Exhibited as part of Picture This postcard exhibition, University of Sussex (UK)


January 10, 1957
Dear you,

Awoken early. The sound of large feet padding about on balcony below my rooms overlooking watery expanse upon watery expanse. Venice, expect water. Expect many things. But, should you be lucky, as I was, peep out from behind curtain of a morning and you may see the curious crossing of the greylag goose by gondola. Perched as though anxious not to topple watercraft steered by human aid, it looks most inelegant yet charming. A sight to behold! A sight most magical to start day! Where they were bound, I’ve no idea. Dozing back to sleep, I fancied the Swiss Alps.

Yours in feathers and webbing,


I found it hard to stick to just one! Several of my favourites are among the highly commended postcards, but I also really loved the greylag goose in his gondola, in Gracia Haby’s entry. The back of the postcard looks so conventional but is charming in its surrealism and whimsy! The front is just such a beautiful image, despite the cross expression on the goose’s face (understandable given the difficulty of keeping his balance). It is memorable and makes me smile, so that’s the one I’d choose.

A special mention by Vicky Blunden, Fiction Editor, Myriad Editions




A collective project showcasing an ongoing selection of coffin artworks by the finest illustrators and artists from around the globe, curated by Thereza Rowe, Lesley Barnes, and Abi Daker


We were invited to contribute a coffin apiece to The Happy Journey Collective online exhibition*.

One more voyage and then I am done
Gracia Haby

With the help of a black-capped screech owl’s feathers
Louise Jennison


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