Gracia Haby, 2008, collage for The World of Interiors

Gracia Haby
Collage for Journal of a Collector
The World of Interiors
October 2008


Two postcard collages created for The World of Interiors magazine to accompany an article by Alistair McAlpine about the Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Taranto in Puglia, Italy; a museum that houses small figures carved from stone and other treasures from long ago.

Most of the objects on show are small and all the more impressive for their diminutive size. Among the most remarkable are nutcrackers in the form of a pair of hands attached to arms ringed with gold bracelets; a crystal pendant mounted in gold, carved as a pomegranate; and a silver box in the shape of a Pecten shell, whose hinged cover has a raised figure of a goddess riding a seahorse, partly gilded, on its front and a rear view of the same subject on the back.
(Alistair McAlpine, Greeks Bearing Gifts, Journal of a Collector, The World of Interiors, October 2008, page 404)

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