A collaborative zine by Gracia Haby, plus thirty-one others:
Jenifer Altman, Dianne Beevers, Kelly Boucher, Kim Burrell, Anastasia Christou, Isobel Clement, Fliss Dodd, Abby Dubisar, Janelle Dunstan, Brydie Dyson, Jessica Eskelsen, Carolyn Fraser, Risa Friedman, María Fuks, Elaine Haby, Peter Haby, Louise Jennison, Alicja Kuzmycz, Priscilla Chung-Yee Kwok, Andrea Lampman, Daphne Louter, Glenn Manton, Veronica Torres-Miller, C. Nurkemala Muliani, Bette Poulakos, Kylie Robson + Hesse, Jurate Sasnaitis, Kay Motorlegs Shannon, Jenny Vorwaller, Rachael Weaver, Barbara Wolters
Have wheels, will go
December, 2007
Digital print zine
Edition of 100


A 21cm X 15cm, 40 page B&W zine with a hand stitched spine.

A request for photographs of anyone posing alongside an automobile or vehicle of their choice was listed and thirty-one kind and clever souls responded.

Family photographs from days of old, and new ones, too, were sent in and have been lovingly collated in this rather large, forty-page zine. A Mercedes Benz in Hamburg, a toy car in Broken Hill, a Triumph Herald in the garage, someone else’s parked shiny red Ford in Kyneton and la union truck in the late 1930s in Cordoba, Argentina, they, and others, all make an appearance within the folded pages.

Thank you to everyone involved for sharing your much loved family photographs and for posing so brilliantly alongside favourite cars; you’ve made this zine possible. Thanks so much for showing your wheels.