Gracia Haby
Testing the laws of hazard
Artists’ book, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil


The forty-third King Penguin, A Prospect of Wales (published 1948), with an essay by Gwyn Jones and twenty colour plates by Kenneth Rowntree, is now home to the woolly spider monkey, the drill, the dugong, Wallace’s flying frog, and the collared lizard. This ‘modified’ copy comes also with the handwritten inscription in unknown hand: “Better a Whale of Prospects than a Prospect of Wales! 20th Sept. 1948.”

This artists’ book was made especially for the exhibition, By This Unwinking Night (2012). Several page details from this work were published in the first volume Materiality, 2012. Other King Penguins to have been modified by means of collage include One step ahead; This is where the dormouse lives; A headdress to show you how much I care; and The first aerial travellers. The entire series of King Penguins thus far is in the collection of the State Library of New South Wales.