Gracia Haby, Time on His Hands commissioned collage, 2012



Gracia Haby
Collage for Journal of a Ceramic Artist
The World of Interiors
November 2012


A collage for The World of Interiors magazine to accompany an article by Edmund de Waal, Time on his Hands, about his recent ceramic installation.
In his latest installation, Edmund de Waal interrogates our experience of passing time by making — over and over again — simple cylinders out of clay, finally arranging them in huge glass vitrines. Why am I not getting bored? he wonders out loud


I’m sometimes asked if it is boring, sitting in my studio, hunched over my wheel, making one vessel after another. A ziggurat of balls of porcelain clay to my left, a waiting pile of ware boards to my right, and those thousands of hours making cylinders in front of me. Nothing grander than a cylinder. Barely a vessel, more a sketch of a pot, an inside and a straight profile, the merest impression of my hand and my impressed seal. All those iterative movements of arm, wrist and hand, time after time after time. Tiring and limiting, surely. Don’t I want more from what I do?
(Edmund de Waal, Time on his Hands, Journal of a Ceramic Artist, The World of Interiors, November 2012, page 200)


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