Could be
Kunstkantine No. 4
Sunday 28th of October, 2012
Curated by Karin Krammer
Pforzheim, Germany


Playing with the theme of what could be, we created ten new works especially for Karin Krammer’s one day only exhibition held in her home in Pforzheim, southwest Germany’s gateway to the Black Forest. From Melbourne by post, we sent our papered lyre-birds and wallabies misnamed to play a part in a group exhibition of eight artists.


List of works
Gracia Haby
Six postcard collages

Could be a grey kangaroo
Could be a Bennett’s tree-kangaroo
Could be a mob of wallabies
Could be misnamed
Could be a lyre-bird courtship in Kallista
Could be far away

Louise Jennison
Four drawings on printed page

We could be shooting lyre-birds
We could be hunting kangaroos
Could be the Valley of the Yarra-Yarra

Could be virgin forest