Six Looped Zines


Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
I think all the world is falling
No longer six feet under
Disrupted and rumpled

Dim wood, spark bright

A warmed pebble in my hand
February, 2018
Digital print zines
Edition of 100


Each title is a 9cm X 42cm, eight page colour concertina zine with B&W text on a paper belt held in place by a silver circle sticker.

A series of five pocket-sized zines from the artists’ books of the same name. All five titles were released into the wild at the 2018 Sticky Institute Festival of the Photocopier.


Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
August, 2017
Digital print zine
Unlimited edition


A 21cm X 15cm, 16 page colour zine with copper staples.

Looped includes the text, A whisker lighter. “Passing the library, a sizeable section of the lawn was fenced off. A low temporary barrier had been pegged in place to enable the grass its forty-winks to regenerate. A kip to allow the new seed to take hold seemed just what I needed also. And there, atop the bed of sleeping grass, a kit of pigeons, a flock of gulls, and a quarrel of sparrows with no desire to call in on the old ballroom when they had such a prize. Safe, and in possession of a sheltered location, they basked in the warmth of the sun. The pigeons, in particular, pulled out and fanned their feathers to make the most of the solar heat. Their fans lent the scene an air of Sunday picnickers, an Eden for Birds Only, and I was glad I had chanced upon this moment that threw sunlight on my impression of the world. It was in these small and ephemeral shards that life made sense. All that was good, transfigured into form! It was in these quiet encounters that I was pierced and purpose was found.”

Created as part of our exhibition, Looped, at State Library Victoria (2017 – ongoing), this is the only zine to date that we have created as an unlimited edition. During the first year of Looped, copies of this zine were available to collect from the dais for free.


All six of these zines are included in a limited edition compilation set of all our recent zines.

Each of the five box sets contains the first of each zine edition released within that time frame. Editions have been acquired by Melbourne University Library, National Library of Australia, and State Library Victoria.

From 2017
Limbed; Winged; Dove, love, wash; Here, there; Duck in, duck out; Flippered and flightless; Pattern; Round, circle, dot; Take a lesson from the ground; Seasonal museum sketches (autumn); It was a familiar pattern

From 2018
Your gelatine silver print, in the shape of the full moon; Paw Pad Path; Looped; I think all the world is falling; No longer six feet under; Disrupted and rumpled; Dim wood, spark bright; A warmed pebble in my hand