Gracia Haby
At the Château de la Malmaison tigers roam
Seventeen page artists’ book, 15.5cm X 22cm, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil


Titles of works as they appear,
At the principal entry, all hoped the northern fur seal knew what they were doing
Passing from one to the other was proving tiresome
A snow leopard pads about unseen in the vestibule
Patience was sure to deliver results for the blue-faced parrot finch
The council were not in attendance and had not been for a great while
Poised upon tabletop in the library, the red muntjac hoped to remain unseen by the studious
A drawing room unlike home, he thought. Most unlike home
Hoping to make no sound in the music room lest it be the wrong sort
The spotted seal felt most at home in the salle de bains
Walking a fine line through the empress's bedroom chamber
The leopard proved a natural where balance was concerned
Slow and steady does it
I keep them safe, the pair of them
Looking for things others may have overlooked
A Stella’s sea lion seeks a little illumination
They have taken flight already, it seems

A book of single-colour, postcard images now filled with new inhabitants, in the collection of the State Library of Victoria.