A Postcard as Measuring Device


Gracia Haby
A Postcard as Measuring Device
October, 2013
Digital print zine
Edition of 70


A 10.5cm X 15cm, 23 double-sided page B&W zine with colour covers and a stripy spine.

In 2008, an occasional series developed of own accord. A series of imagined tales written on the reverse side of a handful of postcard collages. A collage front and back! Over the years, this has grown. Published online, and later bound into zine format, this project continues today. Twenty more Dear You postcard travels await you in this volume.

An edition of A Postcard as Measuring Device was exhibited as part of PAGE.PRINT.POST: 50 years of Artists Books (Post Office Gallery, Federation University Australia, 2014).


Dear you,

Sometimes I take great delight in small moments of everyday rebellion. I like to walk out of public restrooms with my paws unwashed much to the horror of the mothers nearby who are in the process of showing their children how to clean their hands properly. I like to shake my fallen hairs onto the neat person sitting beside on the tram. And I like to cross the road on the red man to the obvious displeasure of dog owners and parents trying to teach their canines and children a little road safety awareness. Such things may be small but the pleasure I derive from going against the norm and not being ‘conventional’ and ‘acceptable’ and ‘proper’, the pleasure it is huge. So long as no harm comes, I am content with this. It is one of the great joys of spring.

Yours, unruly, but not all bad,