Gracia Haby
February, 2014
Digital print zine
Edition of 70


A 10.5cm X 15cm, 26 page B&W zine with lavender card and a blue spine (with shimmer).


misread |mɪsˈriːd|
verb ( past and past participle misread |-ˈrɛd| ) [ with obj. ]
read (a piece of text) wrongly.
• judge or interpret (a situation or a person’s manner or behaviour) incorrectly: had she been completely misreading his intentions?
• interpret a collection of someoneelse’s photographs to suit own end: in order to keep herself amused she misread the scenes before her before binding them into a zine to take to Sticky’s annual zine fair.


All images in Misreadings borrowed and misread with permission from the former Tromsø Town Museum and Troms Folk Museum collections now in the photo archives of Perspektivet Museum (PEM), Tromsø, Norway.

An edition of Misreadings was exhibited as part of PAGE.PRINT.POST: 50 years of Artists Books (Post Office Gallery, Federation University Australia, 2014).