A one-off patch made especially for Project Patchwork 2010


Alice Jones, Amanda Wilson, Amy Borrell, Anita Cummins, Carmel McKie, Cat Rabbit, Chloe Quigley, Dani Maugeri, Dell Stewart, Gracia & Louise, Gillian Bencke, Hattie Jones, Jane Wallace0Mitchell, Joanna McAlpine, Kat Macleod, Katrina Weber, Kim Brockett, Lauren Mahoney, Limedrop Crew, Elizabeth Oaks, Lizzy Wilson, Luci Everett, Nella Themelios, Simone Elder, Tamara Marwood


We were one of several involved and given simple joyous task of decorating a thirty centimetre patch for worthy cause. For our square, we embroidered a rabbit and placed him upon a tree in riot of blossom. Lest he be lonely up there in the unfamiliar, we gave for company a purple bird.

A collaborative quilt project made to raise money for the Australian Cambodia Foundation. The raffle night for the three finished quilts was held at Craft Victoria (18th of October, 2010).


Project Patchwork is a collaborative quilt project where people come together with their needles and threads to sew beautiful quilts and raise money to help people who have been sadly touched by cancer. This year Project Patchwork are making three quilts, two that were initially designed and then sewn from provided kits and a third that is made up of patches designed and sewn by 27 crafty ladies & gents. During 2010 we are raising money for the Australian Cambodia Foundation which funds an orphanage in Cambodia run by an Australian, Geraldine Cox, who has been recently fighting breast cancer.
(Project Patchwork 2010)


Everyday I come home from work and race to the mail box, hoping to find it filled with patches and today I was so very excited when I saw an envelope from Gracia + Louise! I knew when I opened it I would find something beautiful so, like charlie with his chocolate bar, I unwrapped it very slowly. Meanwhile, the girls I live with were yelling at me telling me to hurry up and rip it open. I was right, the girls have absolutely blown me away, as expected, with a very very gorgeous patch!
(Gracia & Louise’s patch!, Project Patchwork blog, 1st July, 2010)

Melbourne girls, Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison are a duo that work closely together making a range of beautiful creations some of those being; artist books, zines, prints, postcards, pencil cases, cards, journals & dolls. They are widely skilled and make just the most amazing and inspiring work. At my work we have a Gracia + Louise collage hanging up on the wall right in my eye line and I get stuck staring at it. The wild worlds Gracia + Louise create with paper, watercolour and collage really do take you to another place. Under the name of Hammer & Daisy the two also make the most special dolls and creatures as well as a range of beautiful stationary. Each one hand crafted, each one beautifully individual. They are sewn together with beautiful fabrics, buttons, patches and beads. They are definitely individual little personalities that you would expect to come alive at night (in a whimsical non scary way).

(Crafty ladies #9 and #10 — Gracia & Louise, Project Patchwork blog, 17th June, 2010)


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