Gracia Haby
Conveyed by the Postal System
June, 2012
Digital printed zine
Edition of 60


A 10.5cm X 15cm, 52 page full-colour and B&W zine (with postcard collages, and typed Dear you narrative) with lilac cover card and fern green spine, and a cardboard back. This zine includes twenty-four new postcard collages, all of which were exhibited as part of By This Unwinking Night (2012).


Dear you,

Well, you see, he was just there. Waiting at the stage door, like a mug. A white donkey with the painted markings of a more exotic by appearance though common by name Common zebra. Well, we couldn’t leave him there, waiting with expected grin soon to slide towards despondency, so we took him home with us. Seemed the only natural and good thing to do, given the circumstances. Of course, we hadn’t anticipated the having to paint him up in costume everyday side of things, but then, we’ve no crystal ball. How were we to know this fellow liked to wear his stage getup even when relaxing?

Going through the tar quickly,

One of several zines made for the Emerging Writers’ Festival’s Page Parlour 2012 zine fair at Federation Square.