Gracia Haby
Postcards from... A key to help make your own world visible
November, 2009
Digital print zine
Edition of 60


A 10.5cm X 15cm, 34 page colour (with some pages in B&W) zine with lapwing brown cover card and black card spine, with a cardboard back. Find within the pages of this zine, a tiger chancing a leap at the moon suspended above, a musk deer enchanted by the spectacle of stars scuttling across the shoreline, sorrowful zoo inhabitants and hare seeking to assure you that all will be a-okay.

Featuring all thirty of the postcards exhibited in gallery two of Craft Victoria as part of the exhibition A key to help make your own world visible (2009) with Louise Jennison, plus an additional two.


Collage on postcard, 2009
Titles of works as they appear:
It appeared before me now, more beautiful than ever
From here it’s a-okay
Complete with counterweight
All secure, really
Yes, I’ll concede. It’s quite impressive
It’s okay; I’ve got you covered
Sporadic episodes of shadow puppetry went unseen
Yes, I see what you mean; our cover could well be blown
Companionship on such a day was invaluable, surely
You really should have asked me first. It’s poor form to arrive unannounced
No, I am not fond of this place
If we just keep our heads, we’ll be okay. Right?
Thou should not vex a stranger
Mind you don’t loose your footing
I don’t recommend that you follow suit
It’s okay; we are alone now
I had always wished to do what was right though it never seemed as such
If this place were my own, I’d move it closer to the sea
On such a day as this the view proved of great comfort
Unseen by tourist in Montevideo
It’s okay; your secret is safe with me
Mulling over one’s options
It was easier than one might initially think
Before the others awoke
The passage home was long
Fearful of losing them, time and time again
Delaying all action for now
It was worth it if only to see the stars scuttle across the shore
A secret that proved harder by night to protect
He had allowed his imagination to delude him
One moonlit night, with little to no prospect of success
Though greatly desired, sleep eluded her still