Number 3: Precious


Published by Pinknantucket Press
Edited by Alice Cannon


Materiality’s Precious issue features a collage from the artists’ book A headdress to show you how much I care (2012).

This issue of Materiality examines the relationship between precious things and our identity—cultural and personal. Read about gold mining and selling, the lost thylacine, love letters, illuminated manuscripts, a broken doll, Japanese lacquer, saffron, trash vs treasure and interviews with a jeweller, a luthier and a gemmologist. 

Materiality is a themed journal that includes fiction, essay, images and poetry, focusing on the physical and the material. Materiality sources content from writers, artists, conservators, curators, craftspeople, hobbyists, enthusiasts, photographers, materials scientists, engineers, designers and architects. 

Cover image: A headdress to show you how much I care (detail), by Gracia Haby. Artists’ book, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil, 2012. Gracia Haby is a Melbourne artist. She and fellow artist Louise Jennison explore the possibilities of paper-based media, such as artists’ books, zines, and postcard collages.


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