Window displays

Hidden Gems & Rough Diamonds, in the window of Milly Sleeping (LookStopShop 2012)
Project Patchwork, a collaborative quilt project (2010)
Watching over me day and night, in the window of MINE – Kids in Olinda (October – November, 2008) 
All the things to take to our very own archipelago, in the window of Craft Victoria (September – October, 2008) 
My little menagerie, Thelma's handmade stuffies in the window of MINE – Kids in Olinda (September – October, 2008) 
A parliament of owls in the window of Craft Victoria (August – September, 2006) 
Limited edition, handmade for Iris & Hazel, Lee Mathews Workroom, and Craft Victoria (2005–2009)


How it all came to be

A handmade history, explained, from hammer & daisy handmade journals to Thelma’s handmade


Words and press

Interview on Pretty Paper Things blog, 2012
Twitter influencer on Pattern Pulp, 2011
I Make Stuff, publication by Ramona Barry and Rebecca Jobson, 2009
The Melbourne Design Guide, edited by Viviane Stappmanns of Alphabet Press, 2009
In interview with Anne Ditmeyer of Prêt à Voyager on Design*Sponge, 2008
Interview for Clog, Craft Victoria, 2008
Meet the Creators Gracia & Louise, Issue 2: The Urban Issue, Blanket Magazine, 2007
Handmade in Melbourne, publication, 2006


Card stockists

In addition to our online store, from time to time, our cards can be found at Solander Gallery (New Zealand), and Minnesota Center for Book Arts (USA).

Previously, our cards have been stocked at Brunswick Street Bookstore, Fitzroy (plus zines); Craft (formerly Craft Victoria), Melbourne (plus Thelma’s handmade); Geelong Gallery, Geelong; Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell; Metropolis Bookshop, Melbourne; Milly Sleeping, Carlton (plus zines); MCA store, Sydney (plus zines); Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth; Brixi, London, UK; Colette, Paris, France (plus zines); and Cow Books, Tokyo, Japan (plus zines).


Nobody knows the art of the handmade book quite like Melbourne duo Gracia and Louise, whose range of work includes a delightfully unusual offering of artists’ books and zines. Who are you? is no exception — it’s a fabulous introduction to the weird and wonderful world of Gracia and Louise. Boundless imaginations will be captivated by their signature blend of surreal humour and fantastical imagery. Featuring a nifty hand-cut turning element and window, Who Are You? is fastened together by a small silver pin to enable easy spinning. Modeled upon a familiar game of old, little hands must spin the disc round and round to choose which character they will be today, “Will you be a parrot? Will you be a big cat? We are curious, who are you?” Curious, indeed!
(Maeve magazine, Nancy’s Fancies, Issue 2, Spring 2010)

Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison are the dynamic duo known officially as Gracia & Louise. They are an art team based in Melbourne Australia who make amazing things on paper… books, collages, lithographs, zines, you name it. When I found them, I got that feeling that I always hope for — a cheek-flushing rush of inspiration followed by a little soul-crushing jealousy. And then, I saw that they had a piece in Could Be Me, a project that I was totally smitten with a few months back, and I knew it was true love.
(The Jealous Curator, 26th November, 2009)

Before making (quite possibly) the cutest pencil cases in the world, Louise Jennison and Gracia Haby were shovelling dirt. To support their collaborative, limited edition artists’ books, they were running a small gardening and odd job business. Although they tossed the pitchforks soon after, they kept the original company name, hammer & daisy, and started creating journals, pouches and pencil cases. Our favourites, the pencil cases, are lined with dark chocolate fabric and matching zips. Some feature handsewn buttons and fabric remnants, ensuring each pencil case is unique. All this love for $28. Anyone for the first day of school?
(Frankie magazine, Issue 11, June/July, 2006)

I used to hate January as kid because every time I turned on the TV I’d be faced with another ‘back to school’ ad. It was so cruel. Not only because they served a painful reminder that my holidays were drawing to an end, but the fact that I would once again be faced with another year of boring stationary. Which brings me to these far from boring pencil cases by hammer & daisy — each one is handmade from start to finish using beautiful prints and fabrics you won’t find anywhere near a Horror Works store.
(Michi Girl current forecast, Push the little daisies, Tuesday 24th January, 2006)


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Limited edition makings & other rare delights, requested (2005–2009)

Limited edition white penguins created especially for Craft Victoria's White Christmas, 2009

Limited edition linen bird stuffies
Small Belgian linen-fronted birds created for Lee Mathews Workroom using their fabrics on the reverse side and vintage buttons from Portugal for eyes.

Limited edition bluebird stuffies
Small and stuffed bluebirds of happiness, all lovingly stitched by hand, with coloured stitching and individual feather markings. On the slightly darker side of blue, these birds with a past liked their teacake lightly buttered and expressed a fondness for watching old B&W films.

Limited edition yellow canary and white penguin stuffies
A limited series of small, plump yellow canaries (2007) and white penguins (2009) created especially for Craft Victoria's Yellow and White Christmas displays. Stitched completely by hand, with unique feather markings, some even came with small flowers adhered to their gently rounded chests.

For Iris & Hazel
Twenty A6 journals created especially for Iris & Hazel (Paddington, NSW), using their signature fabric with a B&W pencil stripe grosgrain ribbon tie.

For Lee Mathews Workroom
Forty A4 2006 diaries created especially for Lee Mathews Workroom (Armadale, VIC & Newport, NSW), using an assortment of their collected fabrics sourced from around the globe.
Custom-made A6, A5, and A4 blank journals were made on a regular basis.