Gracia Haby
In search of a time the heart does not recall (Souvenir of Johannesburg)
Thirty-seven page artists’ book, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil across the pages of Souvenir of Johannesburg, including the suburbs and mines of the Rand


It includes the collages,
Finding it all too much
I've seen the four corners and they are all the same. All.
Parallel with buildings. Parallel with the acacias too.
In search of a time the heart does not recall
From up here the sky is open and it is blue
Once more eager for the old joys
Chances are, at this moment, I am thinking of someone else
I am listening to the city below
A place to watch the stars above shine from their balconies
Parted from my beloved
On this kind of day, I had a relapse (The Hospital)
In search of a snug nest
Slowly, the streets come awake once more
I swear, all assembled were in perfect unison
The morning is in the palm of my hands, or so it feels (Twist Street)
Like a bird, my lovely one, like a bird in flight
A kind shade is cast
Quietly waiting (Doornfotein Station)
I believe I've been led astray
All okay
The world becomes too narrow
On doorstep they landed like a song
The dawn crept up on me once more
With one eye looking back, the other forward
Desiring, on cracked earth, a little freedom
In search of a little birdsong (Boksburg Lake)
Timidly setting forth
Easy passage (Oxen Wagon Crossing a drift)
Do they think it a fable? (Florida Lake)
Passing undetected for the now
Take your place by stream or waterfall
In search of something else
For the mountain I am headed
I woke with a sigh (At Underground Work in a Gold Mine)
Birds return to the inky shores of shadows
Face forward

Exhibited as part of By This Unwinking Night (2012) and A key to help make your own world visible (2009).