Gracia Haby, Rouen: Just passing through, 2006–7, as exhibited as part of A trapdoor in every room

Gracia Haby
Rouen: Just passing through
Thirty-two page artists' book, unique state, featuring collage elements and pencil
18cm X 11cm

A book of single colour, postcard images, Rouen, originally published in Paris as part of the series, France Pittoresque & Monumentale, with 'heliotypies' by E. le Deley, has been reworked with elements of collage, pastel and pencil. Found in a secondhand bookstore, and sporting a cover of light-blue cloth with silver lettering, this artists' book is now home to juvenile Common kingfishers, polar bears, badgers and Golden-throated barbets. It is in the collection of Monash University Library.

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