Gracia Haby
Small Collection
January, 2008
Edition of 60


A 21cm X 15cm, 16 page colour and B&W zine with a handsewn spine in two strands of coloured cotton. This zine includes several original collage elements throughout.


Occasional Collection series
Titles of works as they appear:
All very ordered and as you’d expect
All were in their place
You mirrored me completely
Three heads are better than one
In neat formation, falling one by one
All as it should be
What’s one thing more? (View II)
Keeping still ensured no breakages
With a steady focus
Keeping it all together (View II)
Keeping it all together (View I)
To the ground below
Where your tears cannot reach me
Put right again (View II)
Inland Sea (View I)
Inland Sea (View II)

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