Gracia Haby
The passage home was long
A possible shortcut is considered
A moment to hold close to the chest
Looking for a way in
A chance sighting
One moonlit night with little to no prospect of success
They had returned
It was worth it if only to see the stars scuttle across the shore

Four-colour lithographic offset print on Fabriano bright-white hot-press 300gsm paper
Paper size 160 mm X 200 mm
Printed by Redwood Prints
Edition of 15


Gracia Haby, Looking for a way in, 2010, lithographic offset print

In this series of eight postcard collages made into prints, you will find the geography dotted with the familiar, and many animals and birds. These tailed or winged protagonists often appear out of place, oft too large for their present surrounds. They climb across the rocks illuminated by moonlight. Sometimes they leap at the moon. Sometimes they saunter nonchalantly through a city as they look for a way in. Sometimes they tiptoe or creep, looking for a safe place to curl. Perhaps they pass undetected, slinking through the forest unseen.

Many of these postcard collages were exhibited in original form at Craft Victoria as part of our exhibition, A key to help make your own world visible (2009), and featured in the zine of same name.