To Good Year’s End


Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
Six collaborative collages created especially for Milly Sleeping to ring in the New Year
December, 2012


To both receive and give, we’d rather fancy the gift of a little quiet time to be spent as desired. Time to open a book and read it in one sitting, the process broken only by the need to cut another slice of chocolate ripple cake to ensure the belly remains full. Time to potter in the garden, gloves off, soil under fingernail. Time to lie in a hammock or stretched out on the grass. Time to snooze like your pets do year round. And time to be submerged in water, be it at pool or in the ocean, or feet dipped in a creek or body in a bath drawn and brimming with potions. Days and nights, a succession of them, to be spent as one chooses. In bright and noisy company. In the darkened cinema hush. In quiet seclusion. On a long walk. With purpose or ambling. Dreaming of the future.

Happy Christmas! May it bring something wonderful. 

And here’s to the adventures ahead in 2013.